Project and Outsourcing Solutions

Project Team Outsourcing

We support our clients on mission critical projects such as store or manufacturing unit launches that require additional trained resources for sourcing and hiring of a multiple employees in a short/fixed period of time.

Our approach consists in forming a recruitment task force of project manager, recruiters and researchers that will be solely dedicated to the project for the required duration. From inception, we work in partnership with the business and HR team of our client, providing advice on the job market and compensation levels as well as attraction methods. Throughout the project, we deliver according to process and timelines with result-orientation and problem-solving mindset required to succeed in such circumstances.



Recruiter On Demand

We support the HR team of our clients by assigning an experienced recruiter to perform certain talent acquisition tasks. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we keep monitoring the performance of our recruiters and provide them sourcing advice on an ongoing basis so that they remain committed to results and efficient in their recruitment approach.



Research, Sourcing and Pre-screening

Some clients, with own talent acquisition teams, need support at research, sourcing and pre-screen levels while they prefer to undertake the final phases of shortlisting and interviewing process in the recruitment cycle.

In such cases, Fyte will assign full time or part time research resources with supervision from a project manager and deliver according to specific brief by client. What sets us apart from our competitors is that, as a division of a well- known executive search company, research and talent mapping is in our DNA and process. We also operate from within China with local researchers.



Employer branding – Talent attraction

Our new Video Profile App, Fyte4U, connects our clients with potential candidates better and faster wherever they are. The video profiles filmed with our App offer a new dimension of prescreening applicants, especially in remote location recruiting and contributes to build an innovative employer image in the digital age. Our App is available as white label which means that our clients can apply their own brand and message to it.